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i was following an anti-feminist for 2 days without knowing it

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if you’re in the montreal area and own a copy of any of the 3ds nintendogs games i want it. sell it to me. i want your nintendogs

preferably french bulldog version but i dont even care anymore!!!

im just dying this game is impossible to find and ive tried every kijiji ad in existence. help me find nintendogs


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Yeaster is upon us this weekend. I hope you all are having a wonder Yepril

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"Why did you stab this man?"

because its the cup

lucic is that you

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Impulse - $6.99

Buy me all of them

Bae there are four nine colors there, times 6.99= $342.51 plus tax which is 28.25 (8.25% in my state) which totals $370.76 so I would love too but, I just can’t afford it rn.

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everyone who likes coconut water is lying

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Anonymous asked: would you ever consider learning to speak a more standard dialect of french or are you happy with your current accent? sorry if this is rude i'm just curious :s


/sigh/ ok, this IS kind of rude but i’m going to answer you so that you never have to ask anyone this question again.

first of all, what is a “standard dialect” of french? you probably meant the kind of french spoken in northern metropolitan france. that alone is frustrating. there are 33 francophone countries in the world, if i’m not mistaken, and i’m tired of this idea that france is the default.

forget france for a second. consider canada, where west coast canadian french is different from ontarian french, which is different from québécois, which is different from acadian french. within quebec, the “standard” montreal dialect is different from the “standard” dialect spoken in saguenay, for example. and, like, let’s not even talk about joual. and while there may exist a concept of “standard québécois” — like the québécois you’ll hear on radio canada that doesn’t sound particularly like any regional dialect — you can hardly even extend that kind of thinking to include all of canada. suppose you did want to define some kind of standard canadian french. how would you do that? would you label “standard québécois” as the “standard canadian french” and ignore the fact that francophones in ontario and new brunswick sound completely different? take it one step further. how would you determine what constitutes a standard french dialect in north america? or in the western hemisphere? would you still take our “standard québécois” to be the default while ignoring a) other québécois dialects, b) other canadian dialects, c) louisiana french, d) haitian french, etc.?

and so, considering all this, how in the world do we expect to define a universal “standard french” when in addition to all the dialects i’ve already mentioned you have all the francophone countries in africa and europe and oceania? just how?

forget french, consider other languages. what’s a standard american dialect, is it the english spoken in seattle, or the english spoken in minnesota? what about various dialects of canadian english? what about the many british dialects? between “standard british english” and “standard american english” (assuming those are even possible to define), which one is more standard? what is “standard english”? are there two versions of it? are there more? what is “standard spanish”? what is “standard chinese”? “standard russian”?

having said all that, there does exist a notion of “standard french” but, predictably, it’s not something that can be exactly defined. defining a standard dialect is like defining a standard colour. if i presented you with a rainbow spectrum and asked you to do that, would you choose one of the colours and claim that it’s the standard, the way some people take “standard french” to mean “parisian french”? would you blend all the colours together and claim that the murky brown (that doesn’t even resemble anything on the spectrum) is your “standard”? should we create a “standard french” dialect by proportionally representing every regional dialect?

but no, i understand what you’re asking me. you’re asking if i would be willing or able to learn to comfortably speak this “standard french.” my answer is, i would certainly be able to, but why would i want to? why would i want to take the beautiful dialect that makes french speakers abroad say to me, “oh, vous êtes québécoise!” and actively mask it with a “standard” that was determined based on imperialistic, eurocentric thinking? i don’t go out of my way to hide my dialectical markers because i am not ashamed of being blatantly québécoise. if i’m talking to someone who’s not from here, i do almost subconsciously minimize the amount of region-specific words i use (e.g. i will probably say “voiture” instead of “char” if i’m talking to a french person even though i may very well say “char” if i’m talking to a quebecer), but that’s only because it’s easy to do and it makes it less likely that i’ll have to repeat myself.

but you know what really sucks? it’s this idea of having a “standard” dialect that everyone is expected to speak perpetuates. i went to school in ontario, literally 20 minutes away from the quebec border, and i once heard a teacher correct a francophone girl because she pronounced “treize” as /tʁaɛz/ instead of /tʁɛz/. that’s more than just sad, that’s insulting. that’s treating québécois, which frequently employs that pronunciation, as an inferior dialect, in much the same way that people in the northern US make fun of southern dialects. (say the word “y’all” in front of a group of seattleites and see how they react.) we need to put an end to this idea that there’s a single dialect of any given language that represents education, intelligence and class. it’s imperialistic, it’s racist, it’s classist, it’s a lot of really gross things, and it needs to stop.

so no. i am not willing to learn any “standard french.” i’m not going to throw the speakers of every non-standard dialect — including my entire province — under the bus just so that i can play this game of “listen to me taaaalk, i sound more ~standard~ than you.”


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This is my sister, Marilyn Marie Fenwick. She is MISSING in South Korea.

I don’t know all the details of the circumstances of her disappearance, but I’ll give you everything I do know. First some physical description.

She is 24 years old. She occasionally presents herself as male. She is approximately 5’2” or around 160cm tall. She weighs under 100 pounds and has a very slim build. She is flat chested but sometimes wears push up bras. Her skin is a light olive tone. She has colored black hair of uneven length and she also wears extensions occasionally. Her eyes are hazel but she sometimes wears colored circle lenses. She is from Amarillo, Texas, but she may also say she’s from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She is very skinny and unlikely to be able to defend herself. The photos above show what she looked like the day she left the US.

Now for some details on her disappearance.

On April 15th, 2014, she left the Rick Husband Airport in Amarillo, Texas. She had one stop in Houston and a layover in San Francisco from where her plane departed for Seoul, South Korea around 10-11am PST. THIS IS THE LAST TIME ANYONE HEARD FROM HER. She went to visit a friend or boyfriend in Pohang, South Korea. His name is Jin and he allegedly works in construction and does cosmetics on the side. The US embassy informed us that cosmetics are a common ploy for human trafficking in South Korea.. We are assuming she made it to Seoul because she last texted me right before take off but we have no idea if she made it to Pohang or not. The US Embassy has been contacted and I believe the FBI may be getting involved. There is reasonable cause for concern that she is in danger as she has made no attempts to contact anyone.

The following is contact information Marilyn sent us about Jin. We attempted to call the phone number but a female voiced answer machine was all we could reach. If you know anything about this phone number or address, please contact the authorities and tell me if at all possible. I will relay any information to my father and he will send it through the necessary channels.

Elysian 307, Cheolgang-ro 713-12, ocheon-eup, nam-bu, pohang-si, gyeongsangbuk-do, south korea.


Marilyn has a twitter account which she was supposed to use to contact us but she has not used it since jokingly replying to me when she created it. The account is @explodingwolves she also has a phone number +14692697692 but she disconnected before leaving because it was a US locked phone.

Please help get the information out. Reblog, cross post, translate, tell your cat, ANYTHING to get the word out. She and I have our differences, but I want her to be safe. We’ve even gotten our estranged mother involved because in the end, none of our differences matter. Again, let me or the authorities know if you have any information. I appreciate your time.

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